Vibrant Health
Through Functional Nutrition & Gut Wellness

Hi! I’m Lori D’Amato, a functional registered dietitian and health coach with over 17 years of helping my patients achieve vibrant health through personalized diet, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Uncover the keys to naturally addressing your symptoms, promoting healing through whole foods, and making lifestyle adjustments to rejuvenate your well-being using a holistic approach. Liberate yourself from unwanted symptoms, gain insights into your body, restore vitality, and achieve balance.

Start Your Journey to a Healthier, Happier You

Are you ready to start your journey? I firmly believe that true well-being begins from within, and it all starts with nurturing your body and gut health through functional nutrition.

In today’s fast-paced world, dominated by processed foods and stressors, our gut health often takes a backseat, contributing to a myriad of health issues. I am convinced that many health issues originate from gut dysregulation.

But here’s the good news: YOU possess the ability to take control of your health, and I am here to support and guide you at every step of your journey.


10 Steps to Improving Gut Health

Delve into this comprehensive guide to discover 10 invaluable tips designed to effectively navigate and enhance your journey towards optimal gut health.