As some may know I am a RD always researching and looking for ways to find enhance health for myself or clients. In recent months we have come across some health issues and working through the muddy waters (time will tell our story). Part of the process we have come across heavy metals (among many many other things) and how they inhibit our health and healing. So, I started to dive deep.


How do I detox from heavy metals? What’s the best way to detox my body? 🤔

These are two questions natural minded people ask regularly and the answer will always be: support your body’s natural detox process.
How? It’s actually quite simple.

Chelation is the process of mobilizing and removing heavy metals from the body. Using a “detox product” might move metals out of their holding spot and into your bloodstream!! It’s not a process to be dabbled with.

A safer method is to encourage chelation and detox by relying on glutathione- our master antioxidant.

Not sure what you need to detox from but you feel like 💩 and everyone tells you to detox?

They are mostly wrong and just a smidge right. Environmental toxins, called haptens, can trigger autoimmune reactions that make us feel generally unwell. They might even create a specific condition- like IBS, Migraine or Hashimoto’s disease. Where do we find Haptens? A big one is the off-gassing of chemicals like formaldehyde coming out of your carpet or wall paint. There are an abundance of chemicals in the water you drink— even heavy metals like mercury, lead, and cadmium. ‼️

Ready to hear how to protect yourself from all of this and “detox” from it?

Here’s where glutathione comes in. One of glutathione’s primary roles is detoxification. It acts like sticky paper grabbing onto toxins and carrying them out of the body for you. In other words, when rogue chemicals and bad guys come into your body, glutathione takes the hit for you, allowing the immune system to rest.

If you suspect toxicity is playing a role in your autoimmune condition, you may want to think twice about using heavy detox protocols (like chelation) without increasing glutathione levels first. Heavy metal chelation can be devastating to anyone with autoimmunity if glutathione is not there to take the hit.

Glutathione’s ability to enhance tissue healing is critical not only for preventing autoimmunity but also for recovery from autoimmune flare-ups. This likely would explain the reduced pain…

Nrf2 turns on your detox pathway. Your OWN BODY MAKES GLUTATHIONE.

Glutathione is an important physiological chelator, and the reduced form of glutathione protects cells from reactive oxygen species (ROS) associated with heavy metals ….

The longer you take Nrf2, the more and more you will see incredible strides in your overall health- this is true detox and true cellular repair.

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