🍊Right now we have a lot of uncertainty and I think for the first time in our modern world we are becoming worried about how and when we will get food, in some places more than others. 🍐

🍉We all need to keep up on our nutrition of course but we can only do our best. 🥑

🥕I always push for fresh produce when possible but we can’t really stock up for too long unless we know how long they last. For example berries don’t last more than a few days because their water content is pretty high. So they may not be your best option unless you know you will consume them quickly. No one has the time or the money to be wasting food right now.🥦

🍅Here are a few lists of how long fruit and vegetables will last and where to store them. This way you can get the best bang for your buck and be able to feed your family with high nutrient dense foods. 🥔

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