Traveling can be tough when you have a food allergy or multiple food allergies. Our main focus is avoiding gluten at all costs and limit dairy as much as we can. Peanuts is another allergen we must be careful about, but cross contamination isn’t as scary since my son completed OIT. Normally I am a walking buffet when we travel since we drive most places. I can just stuff the car until it’s exploding. When traveling on a plane we don’t have this option.

Before going someplace new I like to scope out the area beforehand. I try to find a local supermarket or Whole Foods so when we get there I can stock up on some safe snacks, breakfast items, water and a place to get a smoothie, yummy.

I then research local restaurants that are safe to eat. I love the app “Find Me Gluten Free”. You can put in the area where you will be visiting, and it lists a bunch of restaurant ideas. I try to map out how far each place is especially for breakfast, and I always call beforehand just in case as well. It does take some time and a bit of patience but putting the time and effort in before you go relieves stress while you are there.

Many times, I prepare a few items I can bring in my carry on, so my kids have safe and healthy snacks on the plane. I make muffins, healthy cookies, dried fruit, and a sandwich for lunch. I pick up a few items while waiting for the plane and always grab some water to make sure everyone is hydrated.

Since my kids are ALWAYS hungry (I know you are feelin’ me), I have to be prepared like we are entering the dessert and never coming back. It definitely doable but planning is a must!

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