Yoga used to be such a big part of my life. Many moons ago I completed a 300 hr yoga training to become a RYT in Anusara yoga with Lois Neisbitt in the city. I taught for many many years. My favorite class I taught was in Central Park to a group of maybe 80 people at a time from all walks of life, it was so much fun. Since having children, I haven’t felt very zen (at all!) so I have shied away from yoga mainly because it felt so foreign to me. Anusara yoga is about creating a solid foundation and setting an intention, mentally and physically. This was something I had hard time with. I have dabbled in some yoga classes over the past few years. The last class I attended I completely broke down. I was in the middle of all the research for my daughter and I just lost it. It was pretty embarrassing actually, but everyone was very supportive. I think we were doing hip openers and for me and for many this is a place we store intense emotions. I had never experienced such a reaction in my life. I realized my foundation was broken and I couldn’t set an intention because my head was so scattered. 

Lately I have been working towards doing my own practice at home again because I am realizing I need it. Getting back to creating a strong foundation is important. This is of course important when doing yoga poses but also in my life. It feels really different than many years ago, maybe because I am older, stiffer than I have ever been, I have more of a past but hopefully I am wiser. I am hopeful yoga will feel good again and not be a place I shy away from or feel like a scary place (I am thinking because of all the emotions that can come along with it). 

I can’t remember the last time I did a headstand (I was shocked how quickly it all came back). Headstands are very good for strengthening your arms and shoulders, core strength, helps with drainage in the lymphatic system and adrenals, mental state and even digestion. 

As we moms wear many hats these days, including PE teacher. So, I am teaching the kids yoga, some days easier than others. My son is more of the buddha kind he went straight for the breathing (shocking actually!) and my daughter wants the fast-paced class and wants to be gumby (not surprising in the slightest). Teaching kids requires a very different skill set haha, still work on that.

Maybe you can try something you have pushed away for a long time too. What would that be for you?  

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